The big Spring clean 2016!

Volunteer Spring Clean

13th Feb 2016

A good sized group of 15 volunteers aged from a couple of years to over 80 gathered together at the mill to begin the long process of caring for and cleaning up the mill and its grounds after 20 years of very low maintenance.

A late change of plan meant that we concentrated on the outdoor space around the mill, instead of the inside spaces as originally thought. Despite the change of emphasis, we had a happy few hours and the weather for once this winter, despite being very cold, was on our side and we tackled a large amount of debris that had accumulated over the years.

Eskdale Mill vols7.jpg

In tackling this we were aided by Marian’s home baking, that was enjoyed by everyone present. A number of volunteers agreed that we would like to do more and get to grips with the mill buildings themselves, and eat more cake!

We will tackle that as the opportunity arises, and an agreed procedure is adopted to help us present the mill in as attractive way as possible this year, prior to the large scale renovations that are planned for the next few years.

For the future a very real challenge at the mill is to not only retain the sense of history and to preserve its visual character and interest, the “quirkiness” that appeals to so many visitors, but to make it relevant and accessible to 21st century visitors.

Is its future as a “cabinet of curiosities” presentation complete with cobwebs! Or renovated as truly the “oldest working watermill” in the lake-district?

The definition of building conservation BS7913 (‘management of change to secure the survival or preservation of buildings, cultural artefacts, natural resources, energy or any other thing of acknowledged value for the future’).

Thats something to think about! Many thanks to everyone who turned up and supported the Mill! Look out for details of the next volunteer day soon.