Spring flowers and garden plans

Primula vulgaris

Despite it being a cold and somewhat wet spring here in Boot, the Swallows and warblers arrived on the 7th April and at the Mill, the garden and meadow are awakening from their winter slumber.


I met Clive Stretton from the National Trust at the Mill, and we looked at the potential to use the mills large enclosed meadow as a location for a joint Green-wood crafts event next Summer. It’s relatively flat – a luxury round the valley – and accessible, so we think it’s a great idea to showcase local crafts and talent, watch the blog for more as it develops or get in touch if you have ideas or would like to get involved.

To get us started however the 20 years worth of brambles need to be got in hand, so to that end Clive is kindly lending us a days hand with his National Trust working holiday volunteers in May. A group of folk will hopefully make a good impression and start on the process of reclaiming the garden from it’s neglected condition.

Overgrown brambles Boot.jpg
Overgrown Brambles at the Mill

We will be holding weekly work parties at the Mill and the garden every Wednesday between 10.30am and 3.00pm, so if you would like to join us you would be more than welcome.

daffodils at the mill Boot